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About Royal College

          The Royal College (Jr.) of Lumding has stepped forward and promises to after quality, affordable education opportunities to help students achieve their dreams RCL is your home town college whether you are beginning your college education, transitioning into a new career, learning new skills to advance in your job or simply seeking personal enrichment, attending RCL is a smart attending, RCL is a smart choice.


          To promote a humane society based on love, freedom, liberty, justice, equality and fratemity.


College uniform for student

For Male Students
Sl. No Dress Colour
1 Shirt Violet with white
2 Trousers Black
3 Tie Black
4 Shoes Black
5 Sweater/Blazer in winter Black
For Female Students
Sl. No Dress Colour
1 Kamiz Violet with white
2 Salwar White
3 Churni White
4 Shoes Black palm shoe
5 Sweater/Blazer in winter Black

NOTE: - Interested candidate may be purchase their uniform from our office counter.


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